Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mr Krishna is writing fate of striking people of tri-kings...

Mr Krishna, minister of external affair,  is busy signing agreements in Sri Lanka. Many of the agreements to have direct impacts on the fate of people of southern state of India. I don't believe neither he personally nor the men in his current goverment know or care about the importance of the rights, interests, heritage and history of these people of Tri-Kings.. Men in his party that went to the haunted building in Delhi are known for indulging in activities against these people in the past and now.

First Indira Gandhi gifted "Katcha theevu (island) which belongs to Ramanathapuram(TN) Sethupathy.." to Sri Lanka for it to stop helping Pakistan during Indo-Pak war 1...

Then another gang"ress"-man agreed to migrate back 500, 000 "mailaiyaga" Tamils and made them homeless in TN. i.e British govt migrated these people from TN to Sri Lanka to work in tea estates on a promise to provide dignified life & safety, but later the "free" Sri Lankan denied every possible human rights to them.... The gangress-men boasted they saved Tamils from slavery....i.e slavery to homeless... This was another gift to Sri Lanka in another Indo-Pak war 2...(Note: These people are not "Eelam" Tamils; they are supposed be inhabitant of the island nation..)

Then another gang"ress"ster who inherited everything but the gene from his mother, intruded into Sri Lanka Tamil land, out of unnecessary fear and against his mothers plan, killed 20,000+ lives (including Indian men in army) and led himself to grave to end and destroy 100,000+ lives, homes, families and destroy their 60+ year struggled "dream and strength" for freedom...

Of late, ever since the so-called peace installed in Sri Lanka,  fishermen from TN shore have been brutally attacked/murdered/punished while fishing and also denied rights to enter "Katcha Theevu" despite the facts that these fishermen have been using the island "katcha theevu" since history in memory and very importantly the "gift-agreement" done by Indira Gandhi govt has provisions for the same.... however, of late, SL Army illegally denies entry to island (rest area for fishermen).

While this has been the past of these half-dead men's diplomatic ability or interest to get into agreements w.r.t to the people of tri-kings...Another man from the same doomed building of Delhi is signing an agreement with Sri Lanka which is supposed to regulate the fishing rights of both country fishermen... Sri Lanka's is been asking TN to give up their demand to freely fish in the waters as their heritage based on the history i.e Sethupathies and Cholas were spread out to that extent and were ruling the waters and parts of the island nation and so the fishermen of both lands were happily fishing coast-to-coast...

I only hope this empowered man from the haunted building of Delhi thinks straight and right to safeguard the lives of both Sri Lankan and Tamilan generations and not designs it to use as a trump card to handle the striking people of tri-kings of ever-rebellious southern state...!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Midnight conversation with corporaton workers...

After a decent dinner at a roadside petty shop in the city that never sleeps, me and a friend of mine walked back to waiting area for mofussil bus. It was around midnight 11ish. What we witnessed on our way was not very shocking but irking. Yes, there parked a big smoky garbage truck in the middle of bus-stand filling the area with its stinking smell... adding to irksome two corporation works with no protection (unprotected hand, mouth, leg) gathering the garbage that was very safely spilled over by responsible citizens right in the middle of bus-stand. They were using bare hands to collect, gather, lift and dump garbage baskets. Not that we are foreigners to be surprised but having seen foreign countries, it was not okay for us to let them mind their own "family" business... so we did not mind our own "selfish" business and said "vannakkam-ne" (hi) to them.

"Vannakkam-sir", they said.

No bullshitting or beating around that garbage pile...I asked the question straight.

"Were you not given any protection gear to use when you deal with such infectious garbage?"

"We are used to it, sir, you don't worry", said the elder man (without realizing two wanna-be social reformers standing right there to change to fate overnight. :-)

"But wait, I asked, what would happen when you go back to your family with this virus and bacteria. Won't this affect your children? Are you not worried...?".

"It's our fate sir, what can we do..? We neither we studied nor scored good scores..."

I said "well, you don't have to have a good education to do this job. All you need to be is strong enough which you already are. You are fully qualified to do this job. All you need to know is how to demand what you need to perform this job well...such as tools, techniques, process, benefits, fitness-support;healthcare, etc...".

He did not seem to have understood all what I said but he got something at least....i.e the benefit part

He replied, "They are not even paying us on time, Sir. Where can we ask for all those. These things would never change here, sir".

I was bit upset on his ignorant and given-up answer. Also it's true that our educated and empowered men are not manly enough to face and solve these local problems. Including me, we are happy and proud to do lip-services to western world.

I said "well, everything will change if you use that shovel right..."

He asked "how, sir..?".

I replied "shove it right up there in that person who does not provide you with or denies all you rightfully deserve...."

Now the younger man Mr. X spoke finally but firmly. Holding his shovel firmly he asked us "show me that one person in the government, sir..."

We blinked. We had no answer for him. Yes, it's true in goverment it's hard to point out the responsible individual who can fix it right now or later but sooner.... Not only many in goverment are irresponsible and only self-centered but when you deep dive everyone points you to the system so called "goverment" (bunch of forms and worms of no use) which is massive, invisible and void like open space... Sometimes, one tends to think, perhaps dictatorship is better because Mr. X would have at least known whose mouth it is that he should shove his shovel into...

Having no answer we were standing quiet. He was still expecting an answer from us. None of us knew who it could be... the Collector, the Corporation Director, the MLA, the MP, the CM, the PM or the President....who is it?

Having no answer we walked out telling them "let not your next generation to this job...". Let the future citizens of this country clean their own shit until they pay for it appropriately...

They both smiled confidently.